Bearicuda Team,
I thought you guys might be interested in how our/your Bearicuda Stealth Bear Proof Garbage Can survived a North GA Black Bear attack!
We are impressed…and the bear is quite dejected I’m sure!

John Weir
Lakemont, GA 30552
2013-09-01 18.22.19

bear proof garbage can Black Bear Attack On Bearicuda Bear Proof Garbage Can


I just want to tell you how my bearicuda garbage can has been through many attempts this summer by visiting bears to get at the contents and it has withstood every onemy neighbors have been picking up garbage & repairing garbage bins, while I keep telling them to get a bearicuda.well worth the pricethank you, thank youthe product lives up to its bearproof claim!! my garbage man actually suggested you.

Melinda Way
Saluda, NC 28773


I am Very Happy With My Bearicuda, Bear Proof Garbage Can

August 27, 2013

I just wanted to let you know I am very happy with the Steath cans I bought a few months ago. They work and were put to the test by a very big black bear 10 minutes ago!!! They have tried before but this time I witnessed it. Also your customer service is excellent. I […]

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Black Bear Over 6 1/2′ Tall Could Not Get Into The Bearicuda Stealth Can.

May 22, 2013

Kevin…I just wanted you to know of my experience the other night with the bear and the two STL296 cans that I just purchased. A Black Bear standing over 6 ½ feet got attacked the can full of garbage night before last. He rolled it down a hill into my field and could not do […]

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Bearicuda Stealth Bear Proof Can For Lake Lure, NC I Am Very Pleased

May 13, 2013

Kevin, Just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with my new bear proof cans…they look good and are very easy to pull around. I was concerned that they might be too heavy for my guest to handle but when my guest left, they had no problem pulling them full up to the […]

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Watertown CT Man’s Cans Keep Bears’ Claw Out Of The Trash

May 10, 2013

Fighting Animal Instincts Wtby Repulican Bearicuda Article WATERTOWN — It looks just like a regular trash can, and that’s the point. But unlike a normal garbage receptacle, the BEARicuda Stealth Can prevents wild animals — from bears to raccoons to squirrels — from breaking in and spreading the contents across the front lawn. “There’s a […]

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Unbelievable Bearicuda Bin, It Really Works!

May 1, 2013

Hope all is well. Just thought I would send you some pics of what I found far far from my house after going to hunt down my missing, full, trash can that I bought from you:) As you can see, I am enjoying it much more than the bear. Poor guy, I almost feel sad […]

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Recent Bear Attacks And Recovering From Them

January 3, 2013

Bear attacks in North American usually happen in the bears wilderness habitat. They usually involve hunters, hikers, and campers. Brown bears have hurt people in Northern and Western Canada, Alaska, and parts of the Rocky Mountains in the U.S. Black bear attacks usually happen in the Canadian Provinces and several mountainous areas in the U.S. […]

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Critter Proof Garbage Cans Keep Trash Contained

January 1, 2013

Anyone who has ever found a yard filled with trash from the garbage can understand the need for critter proof garbage cans. Such containers protect the trash from stray dogs, raccoons and other critters that might thing your garbage is its next meal ticket. These cans prevent occupants from having to deal with spread garbage […]

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Buying A Bear Proof Trash Can

December 30, 2012

If you live in an area of the country where bear sightings are common, it is essential to have bear proof trash containers in your home or business. If you experience damage to your yard, home or belongings, some home insurance policies cover damage by bears and other creatures, although the deductible amount can often […]

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Bear news week of Dec 24

December 28, 2012

Bears are back! Black bears making a comeback in Texas Remnants of a hungry bear Bear in Kodiak, Alaska, munching on Coast Guard cables – Seriously! – How to deal with a nusance black bear   Stay safe  

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People and bears don’t mix, ranger speaks out about

December 22, 2012

From: John K McKelligott [mailto:jmckelligott@xxxxx] crossed out  for privacy Sent: Thursday, July 28, 2011 12:56 PM To: Subject: Re: PAK195   Hello Kevin, I hope your trip was a safe and enjoyable one.  I’m jealous of your stay at the Coronado (sp?) I’d like to talk with you about a couple of scenarios related […]

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Bear News Week in Review Dec 17 2012

December 21, 2012

Everybody’s getting ready for the Christmas Holiday…. Even the bears! It’ll be HUGE. All the food, all the fun, ALL the Dessert! Protect that when you trash it. Remember A Bears Smell Is Acute! And they’ll be going through your Christmas dinner left overs in a flash. OK OK no more rant. Here’s the news 🙂 1.) Bears are so […]

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How Bear Problems Can Become Your Problems

December 20, 2012

Few animals can eat as many different types of plant and animal matter as bears, they willingly consume everything from carrion to cabbage. Since every species of bear that regularly cross paths with humans have voracious appetites and need to eat around the clock, food is a big issue. That makes it easier to understand […]

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Rascally Raccoons Causing Problems?

December 19, 2012

Living in the suburbs offers many benefits, including the chance to have your own yard to share with your family and your pets and to feel closer to nature. Butyou may feel a little too close to nature if you have pesky creatures breaking into your garbage cans. Not only does it make for an […]

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